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Caphe Roaster's House Blend Coffee

House Blend

Caphe Roasters
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Caphe Roaster's House Blend is a mixture of Thailand arabica beans sourced from Pa Miang, Thailand, and the Vietnamese arabica beans are sourced from Lam Dong, Vietnam. The Thailand beans are located at 1,500 meters above seal level, which contributes to its clean, cocoa, nutty flavor profile. The Vietnamese beans are grown in rich volcanic mountain soil, coupled with the highland elevations which contributes to slow, even development of the coffee cherry and ultimately to a nutty, black tea after note, and floral finish

VARIETY & PROCESS: Thailand - Bourbon, Washed; Vietnam - Catimor, Washed
TASTING NOTES: Balanced, Savory, Roasted Hazelnuts, Bittersweet Chocolate

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