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Caphe Roaster's Vietnamese Espresso Blend Coffee

Vietnamese Espresso Blend

Caphe Roasters
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Caphe Roaster's Vietnamese Espresso Blend is a mixture of Vietnamese robusta beans sourced from Lam Dong, Vietnam and Thailand arabica beans sourced from Pa Miang, Thailand. Thailand is home to a blossoming coffee industry, and Elephant Nature Park has created an initiative to support local villages through coffee education. The park provides the initial coffee plants to the villages and teaches them farming and processing techniques. The dark, smokey, chocolatey flavor notes of the robusta beans is balanced by the sweetness of the arabica beans.

*We recommend a Coarse grind size!

Net Weight: 10oz
VARIETY & PROCESS: Vietnam - Catimor, Washed; Thailand - Bourbon, Washed
TASTING NOTES: Smooth, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almonds

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